Punch Board Box

Happy Wednesday dumplings, it’s time for another box. I case’d this one from another demonstrator who loves to create 3-D projects, San Hammond aka Pootles of Pootles Papercraft fame. I had the pleasure of meeting Sam several years ago on my first, and so far only, trip to Salt Lake City. That’s trip was so memorable and I promise Miss Hammie will tell you all about it another time. However as often happens I digress, lol. This box is super easy to make using our versatile Envelope Punch Board. Just let me tell you in a vernacular that makes this former teacher’s teeth grind (not really, dramatic effect) “This baby ain’t just for makin’ envelopes”. You can do so much more than just envelopes, but today it’s about a darling little box. Here’s what you need.  A 6”x6” piece of paper. I used dsp from the Quilted Christmas paper stack. The Envelope Punch Board, paper snips and adhesive. I used snail. You might prefer Fast Fuse or Tear ‘n Tape. It depends on the weight of the paper and what you plan to put inside the box. Since candy lasts around Miss Hammie’s house about as long as an ice cube would in the Sahara Desert, I will have to guesstimate. You could probably fit 4 or 5 Hershey’s nuggets, or a small piece of jewelry in this box.

Step 1. You line the paper up at 1 1/2” punch and score , shift the paper over to 3” punch and score then shift the paper again until the end is about 1/16th of an inch over the edge and score. Step 2. Turn the paper 90 degrees and line up the little pointer, Miss Hammie calls it a little beak, with the score lines you previously made punch and score. Repeat Steps 1 & 2. As with most boxes you need to create tabs to help hold it together. Let’s see where those are.

Put adhesive on the tabs. That long piece willattach to the tabs creating the side of the box. You’ll repeat this on the other side.


The end results? These adorable little boxes


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Author: Miss Hammie's Crafts

I am an Independent Stampin' Up demonstrator. I enjoy paper crafting and teaching various types of crafting to others.

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