Season Finales

Hello and Happy New Year’s Eve dumplings. Before I get to my recap of the Seaon finales of three of my can’t miss shows. On New Year’s Eve people do things like shoot off fireworks in their front or backyards. They have the mindset “Trees, we don’t care about no stinkin’ trees”. Excuse Miss Hammie’s take on the whole “stinkin’ badges” things. People trees can catch fire, don’t believe me, ask California. There are too many places you can go free of charge and see fireworks. Okay, so you can’t enjoy a frosty beverage while you watch, but you can always toast 2018 when you get home. Where I live besides fireworks there are people who think shooting off as many rounds as they can is an awesome way to welcome the New Year. Folks must Miss Hammie remind you those bullets have to go somewhere as they fall back towards you. Miss Hammie knows of at least one death because of your Happy New Year antics and one is too many. I’m wishing all my dumplings and their families a Healthy, Happy and Prosperous New Year and I want the opportunity to share more crafting, TV critiquing and general ranting in 2018.

Now on to TV season finales. The three show Miss Hammie is discussing are:

Empire, Star and the STARZ series Outlander.

Outlander is based on a book series by Diana Gabaldon and it’s one where Miss Hammie thinks it’s better if you don’t read the books before you watched. The main characters Claire and Jamie Fraser have had wild adventures in the Caribbean as they searched for their kidnapped nephew.  They are blown waaay off course as they sail back to Scotland after finding him. Claire, who is a time traveler from the 20th century, is washed overboard by a huge wave. Her husband dives overboard to save her and season 3 ends with them, and other survivors washed ashore on the coast of the Georgia colony. BTW this happens in pre- Revolutionary War America. Outlander will be returning in September 2018. The time between finale and the beginning of the new season is known worldwide by Outlander fans as “Droughtlander”.


I must admit as I watched the very end of Empire my first thought was that someone has watched “Misery” one too many times. I just want to know who begged for Demi Moore to come back?  “My sweet Dwight, I promised I would never leave you”. Really? Unfortunately if you’re strapped down like a psychopath I guess you can’t knock a crazy woman out cold. I’m sorry, as much as I love this show must every finale have the Jamal character in crisis? Last season it was drug addiction, this season an accidental death of a character. It’s sort of interesting that the character Angelo both began and ended in Jamal’s story line. When is the elusive Lucious and Cookie united and happy going to happen? Is Forrest Whittaker’s character going to try to save himself financially by trying to takeover Empire? Is fear of being exposed by a mentally fragile Andre going to cause Xzibit’s character Shine to do something rash? What about poor pregnant Becky, how exactly does Thirsty plan to help her. My take on it all: Jamal will be fine, don’t forget there was a witness. Or will guilt and familial loyalty cause Warren to lie about what happened?  Unfortunately Andre’s storyline has gotten weaker and weaker since Rhonda’s death so I believe to save himself Shine is going to somehow eliminate Andre. Forrest is going to stage a takeover, not only of Empire, but with Lucious AWOL, Cookie as well. As much as I hate to say it I think Thirsty is going to propose. Cookie and Lucious united and happy? Maybe the final season whenever that happens.


Talk about a wild ending, wild and confusing. Alright hold on tight as I’m going to talk about a lot. We know they found someone in what was left of the house, so who was it? My take: The opportunity to expand Cotton’s storyline, has it really ended? Let’s not forget Cotton was no dummy or lightweight. She seemed to just stop fighting back, to stop struggling. So is she playing dead or did she just decide to let go because Elliott’s gone? Was Simone’s friend in the house or did seeing Cotton or Omari make her decide to wait for Simone someplace close by but not in the house?  Were the fire fighters able to stop Simone or did she go in the house? An even bigger question is, since we know it was arson, who started the fire? Was Omari trying to cover up his evil deed? Did a heartbroken, angry stylist decide to get even for being fired? Carlotta’s house is burning, but that’s not the only emergency. Jahil has obviously overdosed and we have to wonder as weak as his storyline has been will his nephew Angel be able to get help quickly enough or is this the end? If it’s the end imagine the guilt trip the writers are going to send Angel on next season. I profess loud and proud I LOVE Benjamin Bratt, but his character on Star, Jahil , has just sunk morally lower and lower. I mean even when he was doing something good there was an element of what’s in it for me. Example stopping Hunter’s mother from destroying the evidence of Hunter’s abuse of Star. She still had to give him money. Benjamin Bratt deserves to play a character that’s a lot less smarmy. Please someone find or write a series worthy of this man. I’m not sure who they found, even though the logical choice is Cotton. That would explain why the detective didn’t want to tell Carlotta before questioning. However writers can be really sneaky and that’s why I think it will be someone else maybe even Omari.  I guess we’ll all find out when Star returns with season 3 if the writers are creative or predictable.

So as always TTFN