Who is Miss Hammie?

If you are a visitor to my blog you might be asking, “Who is Miss Hammie and what are her crafts?”  Lets begin with who I am, I’m Robbye Hamilton and I’m a retired elementary school teacher and I’m also an Independent Stampin’ Up demonstrator. What are some of Miss Hammie’s likes and dislikes? I enjoy crafting, first it was crocheting, but balls of yarn and dogs, especially little ones that live in your house, don’t really mix well.  Then it was scrapbooking, but I’m not that into journaling about the who, what and why of the photos I take and put in a scrapbook.  With the help of a friend I found card making and Stampin’ Up.  I must admit that it was love at first stamp. The entire process of card making is so creative from selecting the perfect stamp set to deciding on colors and card stock. It makes me happy to know that I’m giving family and friends unique cards that you can’t go down to the corner drug store and pick up. So I guess Miss Hammie is a dog lover who likes crafting and her crafts include card making for friends and family and crocheting. Then again you might be thinking, “A retired teacher,where did she teach and for how long ?”  Maybe you even wondered “What was Miss Hammie’s favorite subject?” I taught in Atlanta, GA for 26 years and my favorite subject was my students’ least favorite, Social Studies.

I also mentioned that I am an Independent Stampin’ Up demonstrator.  I was first introduced and recruited as a demonstrator by a friend.  I was basically what’s called a Hobby demo, which means I didn’t try to sell or any other businessy things, I simply bought products. After a while my wallet insisted that I back away from the Stampin’ Up catalogs.  However I really missed it and signed up again. Its my hope to turn my stamping addiction into a home based business and eventually promote to Platinum, earn several incentive trips and take over the world. Just kidding, I don’t want to take over the world.

The burning question I’m sure is why not Miss Hamilton’s Crafts or Robbye’s Crafts?  Many years ago in the 1980’s, did my bones just creak, I was working with kindergarteners. I had a student and her name, well what everyone called her, was a mouthful. I decided I wasn’t going to call her that and told her so. She was a sassy little 5 year old who enjoyed getting her way and going to the Piedmont Driving Club.  She told me that was fine, and that she was going to call me Miss Hammie. Strangely enough I thought it was endearing and most assuredly sassy and told her to go for it.  So what better name for my blog than this tribute to sassiness, there isn’t one.

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