A Few New Things

A few new things, what does that mean?  Well it could mean just about anything.  In this case however it means that once again I’m trying to keep the promise I made when this incarnation, Miss Hammie’s Crafts, first appeared. I said I would be adding features as I went along. You might ask “If it wasn’t ready why did you go live?” If I had waited until I was truly satisfied you never would have seen it.  First and most importantly Miss Hammie is no blogging expert and those Happiness Engineers help all they can, but never mind that I digress.  I recently added a follow button so the brave of heart and less judgmental could keep up with what I’m doing here as well as seeing my new crafting projects.

Very soon you’ll be seeing images of the products that I use to make my crafting projects and there will be a link to a supply list that you can print.  Miss Hammie is trying little by little to make this a blog you’ll look forward to.

The blog will also feature Stampin’ Up promotions and promotion codes.

Another one of the new feature that you will see on Miss Hammie’s Crafts is a Hostess Code.  Yeah, yeah I know you’ve seen it on other sites, but now you’ll see it here too. Use it when you order and it lets Stampin’ Up know I’m your demonstrator.

Now I know that I promised to post three times per week. Perhaps Miss Hammie shouldn’t have been specific about which days because sometimes life happens. You get a call, a friend’s Mom who was here visiting is going home and they’re having a little send off celebration. Does Miss Hammie say ” I’m sorry I need to put together a project for my blog post tomorrow.”  or “Thanks so much for including me, what time and where.”.  Miss Hammie decided that friendship trumped ( or should I say 45’d, lol) blog post. Then Wednesday was filled with prior scheduled things and Thursday was “Irma’s changed course and Miss Hammie might be dealing with Tropical Storm strength winds, torrential rain and possible tornadoes. So it was Red Alert time in the Hammie household.  So hang in there with me. I made a promise to myself to create projects for all three posts over the weekend before I need to post them.

Lets see is there anything else? Two great deals from Stampin’ Up and the clock is truly ticking on one of them. The Paper Pumpkin half off promotion ends this Sunday at 11:59 PM MT. If you have never tried Paper Pumpkin this is the perfect time, you get a $19.95 value for $9.97. Could it get any better? If you don’t like it you can cancel, no hard feelings or obligations. Use the link to subscribe.

Another awesome promotion is for a great new stamp set. You can’t buy it you have to earn it. For a limited time, get the Merry Patterns Stamp Set for FREE when you host a party with $300 in sales (or place a $300 order)! You’ll receive this exclusive stamp set in addition to the fabulous Stampin’ Rewards you get when you host a Stampin’ Up! party.


This month’s hostess code is:


See you on Monday and please let me know how you like the new additions in the comment section.

Technical Difficulty

I missed you all,  but Miss Hammie is as susceptible to technical issues as every one else.  I had my cards ready to show you how pretty “twisted” could be.  On Monday last I shared a Twisted Easel Card.  Well if one twist is good then two have to be better.  So I made a Double Easel Card.


Then I thought it would be great to not only twist but to add pop. So I did a Twisted Pop Up Catd. This one’s a small version of the Twisted Pop Up cards we’ve seen before.

So now that you’re all caught up and hopefully my internet will cooperate. Here’s the plan I’m going to do two posts today (Monday). By the by if that dsp that I used for Double Easel doesn’t look familiar it’s retired paper. I fall so desperately in love with some of Stampin’ Up’s dsp that I hate to cute it. Well I’ve made up my mind that all retired paper will be used.

Graduation Season .2

After making cards for my grand-niece and grand-nephew I thought I was done, d-o-n-e with graduation cards. O non mon cher, it seems it has just become. My sister who obviously enjoys the tedium that is standing in front of the cards at places like Hallmark, Target, or even Walgreens actually wanted me to make a graduation card for her. If you’re a Stampin’ Up demonstrator like I am you’ll understand my trepidation. I have to get this right, I’ve got to win her over. Ok I say, what color? And here comes an answer that makes want to pull my hair, Blue. Not Navy, not light blue, not even turquoise just blue. What do I use Night of Navy, Pool Party maybe Dapper Denim, I don’t know. I think I may have made the Charlie Brown noise, you know, argh.

Somehow I managed to calm down and be rational. If I just went to the store and bought a card would I freak out about the color?  So I took a breath and looked to Jeanie Stark’s blog Just Stamping because she’s been doing something really fun and interesting version of the ABC’s.  So I decided to do a play on her “G” blog entry, G is for Gate fold. I did G is for Graduation Gate gold card.


Birthdays Birthdays

There are tons of “Days” now, Bike to Work, Pancake, Ice Cream Cone, you name it there’s a day for it.  We all have our own personal day, our birthday. I’ve reached a point were one day’s not enough, I celebrate mine for as long as I want. I’ll eat cake and ice cream for a week. Women’s History Month , I like it. However Miss Hammie’s Birthday Month, I love that. However this isn’t about me, this post is about a card I made for a friend’s birthday using components of Stampin’ Up’s Eastern Palace suite. I used two of the new InColors Tranquil Tide and Fresh Fig. I used the Eastern Medallions framelits to create the embellishment I placed on the front. To add extra shine I used one of the dies from the Layering Circles framelits to cut a circle of gold foil paper to back the medallion. I also used the Happy Birthday thinlits and the Birthday Bright stamp set. I really like the end results.


Blogging Fun – damentals

I had said or rather told myself that this blog would be devoted solely to my crafting, but WordPress has a couple of different ideas. To help me learn how to put together a blog they have given me little “tasks” .  Today’s , well not really today’s, task is to write a post based on the prompt found in the Daily Post.  The prompt was “Notorious”.  Several things and people come to mind when I hear or see the word Notorious. For example Duran Duran singing, “No, no, Notorious notorious” , The Notorious BIG dressed in a bespoke suit wearing a fedora. Recently however it brings to mind a tiny, almost frail looking, woman in black robes wearing glasses and a lace collar. None other than Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, affectionately known to her legion of fans as The Notorious RBG.


What makes Justice Ginsburg notorious? Her detractors would say falling asleep at what most would consider inopportune times. Lets get real people, if you’re bored you’re bored and it really doesn’t matter who is speaking.  I want to meet that rare individual that can say they have never dozed off for a minute or two while listening to someone drone on and on about something they cared absolutely nothing about. If you can find them I will personally draft, sign and circulate a petition to Pope Francis to start the sainthood procedures.  So forget the whining about her taking a little nap.  If you want to know the real deal ask those that look up to her, the little girls that say I want to be a Supreme Court Justice when I grow up because of her. The young female lawyers that think “RBG has a point, why can’t there be a nine female justices Supreme Court, no one ever complain about there being a nine male justices Supreme Court.” Google Ruth Bader Ginsburg quotes and prepare to be blown away by her intelligence and candor.  Justice Ginsburg is a straight shooter and if you don’t like it , too bad. She is the definition of Notorious and long may she reign. And you know what? I’m even willing to bet that when she’s not too busy trying to apply the words of the framers of the Constitution to today’s issues she probably likes to craft.

Graduation Season

After teaching school for close to 30 years I’ve seen quite a few graduation seasons come and go.  I’ve seen my daughters, niece and nephew graduate from high school and thought good thoughts on the days that they graduated from college. I also had to decide if I would or wouldn’t walk when I received my Masters degree, I didn’t.  However watching these young people who I taught or just knew when they were in elementary school is a different experience. In my mind they are still little and it doesn’t matter how many pictures their parents post on Facebook or “The Gram”, I hear a name and I think of how they were way back when.

This graduation season is hitting a little closer to home since my grand-niece is a high school senior. I received the invitation and she included her year book picture and I thought “Who is this gorgeous young woman?” This couldn’t be my little Katia, the little girl whose mother I use to tease about her name being soooo long that it would take up two lines on kindergarten paper. However it was and she is so gorgeous and self-assured. She makes me so proud to just be related to her. I know college is just another adventure waiting for her and she’s going to conquer it and not break a sweat.

A special girl, excuse me, young woman like Katia deserves a special card and I so hope she likes the one that I made for her. Do you think that she’ll like it?