Blogging Fun – damentals

I had said or rather told myself that this blog would be devoted solely to my crafting, but WordPress has a couple of different ideas. To help me learn how to put together a blog they have given me little “tasks” .  Today’s , well not really today’s, task is to write a post based on the prompt found in the Daily Post.  The prompt was “Notorious”.  Several things and people come to mind when I hear or see the word Notorious. For example Duran Duran singing, “No, no, Notorious notorious” , The Notorious BIG dressed in a bespoke suit wearing a fedora. Recently however it brings to mind a tiny, almost frail looking, woman in black robes wearing glasses and a lace collar. None other than Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, affectionately known to her legion of fans as The Notorious RBG.


What makes Justice Ginsburg notorious? Her detractors would say falling asleep at what most would consider inopportune times. Lets get real people, if you’re bored you’re bored and it really doesn’t matter who is speaking.  I want to meet that rare individual that can say they have never dozed off for a minute or two while listening to someone drone on and on about something they cared absolutely nothing about. If you can find them I will personally draft, sign and circulate a petition to Pope Francis to start the sainthood procedures.  So forget the whining about her taking a little nap.  If you want to know the real deal ask those that look up to her, the little girls that say I want to be a Supreme Court Justice when I grow up because of her. The young female lawyers that think “RBG has a point, why can’t there be a nine female justices Supreme Court, no one ever complain about there being a nine male justices Supreme Court.” Google Ruth Bader Ginsburg quotes and prepare to be blown away by her intelligence and candor.  Justice Ginsburg is a straight shooter and if you don’t like it , too bad. She is the definition of Notorious and long may she reign. And you know what? I’m even willing to bet that when she’s not too busy trying to apply the words of the framers of the Constitution to today’s issues she probably likes to craft.

Colorful Seasons

I really enjoy looking at the work of other stampers like Brian King, Shawn de Olivera and Amy Koenders, just to name one or three.  Checking out the work of more experienced stampers can be, at least for me, inspirational.  A few days ago Amy, who’s blog is Stampin With Amy K, posted an absolutely stunning card using the Colorful Seasons stamp bundle. If you’re unfamiliar with Stampin’ Up and its terminology you’re probably wondering “What’s a bundle got to do with card making and why did this Amy person use one?” A bundle, in card making well Stampin’ Up card making,  includes a stamp set and another product typically a framelit of thinlit set (don’t even ask)  that is used with a Big Shot die cutting machine. Disclaimer there will be photos in a later post.  When they are purchased together as a “bundle” you spend less than, . . . man this is easier to explain in person. Besides the bundle wasn’t, and isn’t the point of the post, so forget the bundle. The point of the post was Amy’s ah – mazing card, which is gorgeous. I periodically have taste that is totally unique to me, but Amy’s card is so stunning and she makes it sound almost easy. Everyone who saw it and left a comment thought it was as gorgeous as I did. So check it out, I cleverly hid a link under the words Amy’s card, and see if you don’t agree with me.  I was definitely leaning towards this bundle, but Amy’s card has changed it from a maybe to a it must be mine.