Happy Marvelous Monday my sweet dumplings and if you knew how much I once dreaded Mondays, well that’s a story for another time.  I have ginormously big news to share with you so that makes it marvelous.  I’ve been bending your ears about one of my favorite Stampin’ Up products, it’s the monthly subscription crafting box Paper Pumpkin, for quite some time. Then I show you projects that I’ve made using products from one of our catalogs. Well my sweet ones Stampin’ Up has come up with the perfect solution. They’re coordinating the June Paper Pumpkin to the Broadway Bound product suite in the new Annual catalog. 


Are you thinking “This looks interesting what do I need to do to get in on this?”. It’s as simple as 1,2,3, just subscribe to Paper Pumpkin by June 10th to get the June kit.  Since I know you want the full experience you also need to get items from the Broadway Bound suite. There’s some really fun designer series paper and coordinating cardstock, 1/2 inch satin ribbon, metallic pearls and cute candle embellishments.

50C8D23A-C254-439D-B509-348C1836F798There’s a bundle that consists of the Broadway Birthday stamp set and the Broadway Lights Framelits dies. Now if you’re a newbie to paper crafting and just want to give this a try I would probably give the bundle a pass even though if you have a bit of experience the bundle does save you 10% over buying these items separately. However if this is a test drive for you I suggest the designer series paper and coordinating cardstock pack and the metallic pearls. The catalog is good until this time next year so if you enjoy it you can pick up the other items later. Now remember you MUST SUBSCRIBE BY JUNE 10 to get the June kit.  Here’s an additional incentive if you subscribe using the link below as a thank you from me I’ll send you one of the new Annual catalogs. In the event you can’t wait for your hard copy you can access the online version via my online store. There’s a link below for that too. As you peruse the catalog and like all us crafters start thinking “ Well I need this too and ooh that’s so pretty I want that too”. Once you start totally those up you’ll see why I say the best choice is to sign up. Once you become a demonstrator like moi, that’s right my sweet dumplings Miss Hammie is trilingual, lol not really. I actually know a little French, more than a little Spanish and I’m a native English speaker, but as often happens I digress. Demonstrators get a 20% discount and you’re under no obligation to sell to anyone. Avid crafters who love the products enjoy the savings that being a demonstrator gets them. When you sign up you pay $99.00 and get to select $125.00 worth of products that ships to you free of charge. If you decide nope this was a bad idea after a week or two you can simply shoot them an email and say that you no longer want to be a demonstrator and that’s that. There’s no fee to quit, you don’t have to return anything. One of the many things that I can say about Stampin’ Up without hesitation is that they just want their demonstrators and customers to be happy. You can be part of this by joining my team. There’s a link below for that too. 

Well my dumplings that’s it for me for today so TTFN

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Paper Pumpkin Yayyy

Hello my adorable leprechauns. Miss Hammie decided since this was an impromptu Saturday post and it’s Saint Patrick’s Day that you all would be leprechauns instead of my sweet dumplings. You all know that Miss Hammie begged you to subscribe to Paper Pumpkin so that you could get the special anniversary kit. Are you at all familiar with that Demi Lovato song Sorry, Not Sorry. I’m feeling a teeny bit like that. I received my March kit yesterday and if you love vintage are you ever going to be kicking yourselves in the bum about not signing up in time. I did a FB Live on my Robbye Stamps FB page where I put the two cards together today at about 1:10pm. I was shooting for 1:00 pm but I had a little emergency that I had to deal with. Anywho here are the cards and envelopes from the March Paper Pumpkin kit. And before you ask No, there won’t be an opportunity to buy it later. They’re all gone, sold out and with the 50% off on April and May for new subscribers if you don’t sign up soon you’re going to miss out on those too!

I’m putting a link below so you can subscribe. Baby I’m sorry, I’m not sorry, I kept telling you sign up, but don’t worry. There’s still time to get 50% off your first two kits. I promise after you do two kits you’ll want to keep getting them. Trust me people are so impressed when you say “Yes, I made it myself”. It makes your family and friends understand how special they are to you. Use the link and at least try it, we’re talking $20.00. We both know you spend more st Starbucks than $20.00 in 2 months. So try it, if you don’t like it call/send an email to Stampin’ Up and say please cancel my subscription. Done, over, kaput. Here’s the link.

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(If you’re thinking “But Miss Hammie, I’m not crafty it’ll be too hard Watch medio it on my Robbye Stamps FB page. Easy, peasy Lemon squeezie )

Small Tokens

Happy Monday afternoon dumplings. First falling back on an old cliche, Better late than never. I know this should have been completed, photographed and scheduled yesterday at the latest, but it wasn’t and I have absolutely no excuse. I looked up the best way to measure these mini writing tablets and measured one so I could make the covers, big thank you to Sam Donald Hammond for her YouTube video. To make the covers I used Emerald Envy cardstock and one of the designs from the Tutti-Frutti dsp pack. I added a sentiment from the Sure Do Love You stamp set. It was stamped in Emerald Envy ink on Whisper White cardstock. I used a plain and a scalloped die from the Layering Circles Framelits dies set. I adhered the Whisper White circle to the Emeral Green scalloped circle using Stampin’ Dimensionals. Then I adhered that to the front of the cover also using Stampin’ Dimensionals. I bought the mini writing tablets at the dollar store, 5/$1.00. I plan to give them to attendees at my next class. Since Miss Hammie knows her sweet dumplings are “eagle eyed” I’m sure you noticed the one Berry Burst scalloped circle. I had a scrap that was large enough to cut out a circle and I wondered how the Berry Burst would look so I used the scrap to test my preference. I’m thinking I’ll do half Emerald Envy and half Berry Burst. Considering this basically cost me a dollar plus tax, I made out like a bandit. Here are the ones I’ve completed.



I’ll need to make another dollar store run to make enough for class, but you really have to see if you like something before investing two or three dollars, right?  Just kidding, sort of.  I’m sure you’re thinking “Miss Hammie didn’t include dimensions for us to cut the paper”. No, I didn’t because it depends on the size of the tablet you have and it might not be the same size as mine. Basically you need to measure the height, the width and the very top where the pages are glued together and then add about two inches. Mine were 51/8H, 31/2W and the top was 1/8, so I cut mine to a final size of 61/2 x 31/2.



Dont forget Sale-a-Bration you only have one month left to get some of the exclusive products. If you would like a Sale-a-Bration brochure and an Occasions catalog send me an email, check the menu, and I’ll get one of each in the mail to you.

Ever thought to yourself I love working with paper and ink, but it’s too expensive? If I could show you how to save 20% on supplies would you be interested? Let’s talk because if you answered yes to both or yes to one and maybe to the other I’ve got the answer. Become a Stampin’ Up demonstrator by joining my team. I already know all the reasons why not, let’s talk so I can tell you the reasons why you should and why now is the very best time to do it. During Sale-a-Bration you’re going to get more bang for your buck. Let’s talk and I’ll let you decide because I’m Miss Hammie not Miss Pushy.


Want to place an order? Visit my online store by using the link below. You can browse the Annual and Occasions catalogs there as well as the Sale-a-Bration brochures.  Your decision has been made. You’ve been following my blog and have read all the perks that come with signing up and you want to take the plunge before some Negative Nellie friend tries to talk you out of it? Simply use the Join My Team link below.

Oopsie almost forgot our awesome monthly crafting kit Paper Pumpkin is celebrating its fifth anniversary. I understand the March kit is going to rock our worlds it’s so spectacular. Also to mark the fifth anniversary Stampin’ Up is including a special gift in the March kit. Paper Pumpkin cost roughly $20.00 per month and the kit is great for all ages. The kits are sometimes cards or other paper crafting projects, like treat holders or calendars. The best thing is you don’t have to be an expert paper crafter to produce projects you can be proud of in about 30 minutes. Did I mention the kits are all inclusive? That’s right dumplings all inclusive, well you might need scissors. I say try it for a month if you don’t like it, cancel it. If you sign up by March 10th you’ll get the extra special anniversary kit. Come on dumplings you spend more than $20.00 a month at Starbucks. Paper crafting will help you relax. I’m including a link below so you can sign up and get the March kit. If you don’t love it just give Stampin’ Up a call and say you want to cancel. The customer service is top notch, no pressure. Well dumplings I have some business to take care of and a dollar store run to make. So Miss Hammie out


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It’s Black Friday

Happy Black Friday dumplings. Miss Hammie has her fingers crossed that rather than ruining family time yesterday by dashing out to shop when many stores opened at 6:00pm you enjoyed time with your family. Or at the very least shopped online and pretended to listen to your Uncle Raymond tell that story he’s told every Thanksgiving for as long as you can remember. I also hope that if you were spending the holiday with loved ones who worked their fingers to the bone (figure of speech dumplings stop looking shocked) to prepare a great meal you arrived on time and hungry or whipped out your cellie and called if you were delayed.

Now time for the awful truth. Miss Hammie doesn’t have a project today. After the sweet potato pie, the Meyer lemon pound cake, the cornbread dressing, the macaroni and cheese, the rice with broccoli and cheese sauce, the corn muffins, the pork tenderloin, and the collard greens I was pooped. Yes dumplings I prepared all of that yesterday morning. Call it a character flaw, a mental defect, call it whatever you want Miss Hammie likes to serve Thanksgiving dinner hot, not reheated. It’s bizarre because it’s only holidays when I get so weird. Top that off with fighting the Veruca Salt  that I become around new gadgets. Miss Hammie might not want a party, but that Echo Show, she’s singing I want it now loud and clear. Confused? It’s a Willy Wonka /Charlie & the Chocolate Factory reference. So between cooking and wrestling with the tech gadget demon that exist within me, plus catching up on a guilty pleasure called Lucifer, don’t judge me it’s funny, I just didn’t get to today’s project. I would promise to do better, but the holiday season is upon us and it poses a myriad of issues I’m not even going to scratch the surface of. Please trust Miss Hammie dumplings you do not want to go there.  However moving right along how many of you have taken advantage of, drumroll please


It isn’t going to last forever and there are items discounted as much as 40% !!! Trust me you do not want to miss this.

So have a great weekend, don’t overspend, make sure to check out the saving at the  Online Extravaganza Making sure to use the special hostess code, FV6MXXK9.

Until  tomorrow TTFN

More Great Deals

Hello dumplings, here’s hoping Tuesday finds you in good spirits. Miss Hammie promised that she would keep you up to date on the items available as part of Stampin’ Up’s Online Extravaganza. I try very hard to keep my promises periodically it doesn’t work out, but this isn’t one of those times. I have yet another list to share with you of things that are available at a savings to you. This is a list of products that will be available all week, with one exception. The Paper Pumpkin kits and refills are only available while supplies last and Miss Hammie thinks that they are probably limited. A few of the other items might be as well and if they are Miss Hammie will definitely let you know. I wouldn’t want you longing and waiting to long to order a product and missing out.Please remember to use this Hostess Code when ordering  FV6MXXK9.

Now my dumplings here’s the list of goodies for you to choose from. There’s still time to order one or two of the 20% off stamp sets. However those phenomenal bargains disappear at 11:59pm MT so if you snooze you most definitely lose.


Item List Flyer US

The November Paper Pumpkin

Miss Hammie suggested strongly that you all subscribe to Paper Pumpkin, Stampin’ Up’s monthly crafting kit. Some listened and some didn’t. Here’s a video from Stampin’ Up of the November kit. It is sooooo adorably cute, what can I say, Miss Hammie LOVES IT !!!! At this time I’m not sure if you’ll be able to purchase this kit like Stampin’ Up gave you all the opportunity to purchase the coordinating October kit which I need to point out sold out in 30 minutes. If the opportunity is offered Miss Hammie will definitely let you know. However check out this adorably cute video.