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Hello dumplings, being the age I am I grew up with television. I remember when there was no color tv,  it went off at midnight and there were  only three, count ‘em three, channels. Now TV is 24/7 ,  there are a gazillion channels and forget just color there’s 4K, don’t ask me what that is. I recognize it when I see it, but an explanation sorry can’t help you.

However dumplings, do you have a favorite show or series? Are there shows you just can’t miss? Are there shows that you want to discuss with other fans? When you aren’t crafting on Thursdays are you sitting down with popcorn and a glass of wine to watch the final season of Scandal?

Dumplings, share with me what your faves are and I’ll share mine on Tuesdays, Thursday and Saturday. I might also share the name of books I’m reading, yeah I read.  So let’s see one of my favorite shows these days is the STARZ series Outlander.  It’s the third season and episode 7 was on Sunday. The series is based, sometimes I think far to loosely, on Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander book series. There are 9 books and I say read them at your own risk. I have read 4 of the 9 books and periodically I find myself saying things like “Hold Up, that’s not how that happened” to the TV while I’m watching an episode. It can get extremely frustrating, especially when it’s a part from the book that you really liked. Let me also say if you’re not a fan of historical fiction/historical romance with a little sci-fi thrown in or characters that speak in vernacular half way through an episode you might be tempted to chuck your television out a window. Watching the first episode during Xfinity’s free week is what hooked me and also led me to the book series. If you’re, along with enjoying TV, a reader give the book entitled Outlander a try. I will say, for me personally surrendering to Gabaldon’s writing style wasn’t necessarily the easiest thing that I’ve done. I’m not a real fan of reading books where one character’s words are in vernacular and the other character’s words aren’t. It’s hard, at least for me, to get into the flow of how they are speaking. For example when the main male character Jamie speaks with his relatives it’s all in vernacular. However when speaking to the main female character Claire, he speaks in vernacular and she speaks like a Londoner from the 1840’s ( the sci-fi time travel part of the books). Watching it for me is far easier than reading it. Are any of your favorite shows based on books?  Do you have any of the same issues I have? Has anyone else wondered who Terrence Howard’s character Lucious is talking to in the promo when he says “I remember you”? Do you like to watch shows that have your friends looking at you strangely and saying things like “You actually watch Dr Who” or “Who is Graham Norton?” ? My favorite was “You watch a show about baking, you haven’t baked since the 1980’s”.

Well I’m off for now in search of an online book club that’s reading the Outlander series. I figure that’s one way I’ll finish the series, that or audible. TTFN dumplings


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I am an Independent Stampin' Up demonstrator. I enjoy paper crafting and teaching various types of crafting to others.

2 thoughts on “On Another Note”

  1. I’m a big fan of the Outlander books, but am refusing to watch the TV show because I’m sure it will focus on all the wrong things for me (I love the tiny details/stories going on in the background that are the first things cut for an adaptation). Gabaldon’s famous for having done her research, so these details are the real glimpse into life in the past.

    That being said, the books are DENSE! I don’t have trouble with the language, but reading them fast enough to not lose sense of where the story is going is tough. They’re essentially written in real time with some jumps and flashbacks. A year feels like it takes a year, which is a good thing in my opinion. None of this rushing about that usually happens.


    1. I’ll admit I went to Amazon to get Outlander after binge watching the first season. I think cable/satellite tv is terribly overpriced, but my internet provider offers a “free” week each year. I know it’s a ploy, but I binge watch and once it over its over. However in this case something about the story spoke to me and I bought the book. I love the ideas behind the story, but I find her writing style pure drudgery. Small details that are pointed out repeatedly, for example how Jamie quirks his brow, wear on my nerves. The writers definitely play fast and loose with details. If you want it exactly as she wrote it then not watching is definitely best for you.


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