Wednesday Night TV

Happy Thursday dumplings,  it’s time for my take on Wednesday night TV. In the Hammie household it should be called Daniels Day since my can’t miss shows on Wednesday are both written by Lee Daniels of Precious, the movie remember, fame. Empire was interesting last night Lucious has regained his memory and does anyone else think we haven’t seen the last of Demi and what about Forrest Whitaker Miss Hammie loves him. Lee Daniels and all the writers often surprise me. The idea of a character running away to Cuba, whoa. Not exactly the action of a character that constantly wants to show how hard he is. However the things we’ll do for our kids, fictional or real. Next week should be interesting.

Now on to Star, come on Lee Miss Hammie loves herself some Benjamin Bratt and this casting him as the quintessential a-hole is extremely upsetting.  I’m still trying to figure out Michael Michelle’s addition to the cast. I was really hoping, and still am, we would see more of Naomi Campbell this season. A visit from Lenny Kravitz, hopefully wearing his leather pants, would be greatly appreciated. I hate to sound unappreciative, but is Star where actors Lee Daniels likes who haven’t worked in a while go to earn a check? What has the guy playing Star’s father done in the last 5 years? A better show related question is probably “When is Hunter’s mother going to just give it up?”  Her son was an abuser who probably took one too many hits playing football and who always went to his “Uncle” to confess and ask forgiveness. She knew this and considering where and how her son had to have been found to blame his victim is awful. A father extricating himself from whatever situation he’s in by selling out his own child isn’t easy to see or understand. I can’t wait to see where this storyline leads.

Tonight Ill be going to Shondaland and I’ll be sharing my views on Saturday.  My green tulle finally got here so I’ll be finishing my rosettes tonight. I’ll share those with you tomorrow. I have my fingers crossed that my latest SU order will arrive soon.  Well dumplings TTFN

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