The Best Laid Plans

Happy Saturday dumplings. Take my word for it, they don’t use that cliche for nothing.  I had such plans for yesterday and today.  However as I have said before, life happens. My younger sister, yes Miss Hammie has siblings, and I have started having dinner together once a week.  We do it on Thursday, between you and I suggesting that day was not Miss Hammie’s finest hour.  My sister does not even like to think about ShondaLand much less reside there for several hours like Miss Hammie does. So my Thursday “Must See TV” is sort of, kinda, hmmm ruined. However, can you really tell your “baby sister” that you would rather spend Thursday with Olivia and Annalise than her? You can!!!!  Good for you, you heartless excuse for a sibling, I can’t. Considering they’re raising the price of Netflix perhaps it’s time to switch to Hulu where I can at least see Scandal. Miss Hammie would call that a win win.  That explains no TV recap/analysis type blog today, but what about the completed rosettes I promised for Friday. Well, I had to pick up a few things for dinner, plus I had to make a Home Depot run.  I had someone new doing a little work outside and I had to , well I didn’t have to, but if it’s for my yard etc I like to get it myself. So I had to get lawn fabric, mulch, Round -Up. I have, well actually had after today, an ivy problem.  I don’t dislike ivy, I like the sturdy but not the invasive and boy is it invasive.  Give it an inch and it will grow into your attic. The main thing that I really don’t like is the welcome mat it puts out for snakes and lizards. For some reason the guy that’s been doing my yard seems to go deaf when I say “Please pull down the ivy”. He always says “Pull down the ivy, sure okay” and never does. The guy that came today is more handyman than yard keeper upper. So someone might be losing his spot in my budget, but I digress. Running around getting things for dinner and my yard the rosettes didn’t get finished.  However Friday was another day and they were completed and here’s a sample.


I think they are going to look super duper on my tree. Be on notice however I don’t put up a tree until December.  In my family we do not eat Thanksgiving dinner by the light of our Christmas tree. Do not test Miss Hammie on this.

The long and the short of it is that Friday’s blog post you’re getting on Saturday and there’s no Thursday TV night review. Sorry dumplings, oh well see you on Monday and TTFN

Author: Miss Hammie's Crafts

I am an Independent Stampin' Up demonstrator. I enjoy paper crafting and teaching various types of crafting to others.

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