Happy Monday dumplings, I have phenomenal news. Which I can’t believe not even my Meemah, that’s what I call my up-upline, told me about on the DL. Stampin’ Up has been listening and quietly conferring with a group of knowledgeable and talented demonstrators to create this magnificentness, yes dumplings that’s a word. Sometimes when Webster’s is busy giving real word status to things like “bling” we must take the word business into our own hands and create, but I digress. It’s been at the very least 4 years since I first heard about something that made stamping cards, especially for swaps, easier. Does Miss Hammie have your attention now my lovelies?

Let me introduce the newest product in the Stampin’ Up arsenal. So new in fact you can’t get it now, but before you storm the gates you can reserve it in just a few days.  When it is available in just a few short months ( in February) you will receive it. Trust and believe my babies Miss Hammie will be reserving hers.

However without further ado, or beating around the bush let me introduce


More information about this wonderfulness to follow. In fact it might even knock Jamie and Claire to the back burner, naaaaaw that won’t happen. However expect two post tomorrow, one TV and one all Stamparatus. I will give you this it’s in the basic price range of other products like this. For me the big thing is other demonstrators had input into the design and functionality of this one and frankly Stampin’ Up, to me, just seems to do it better. See you tomorrow dumplings, TTFN

Author: Miss Hammie's Crafts

I am an Independent Stampin' Up demonstrator. I enjoy paper crafting and teaching various types of crafting to others.

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