It’s Black Friday

Happy Black Friday dumplings. Miss Hammie has her fingers crossed that rather than ruining family time yesterday by dashing out to shop when many stores opened at 6:00pm you enjoyed time with your family. Or at the very least shopped online and pretended to listen to your Uncle Raymond tell that story he’s told every Thanksgiving for as long as you can remember. I also hope that if you were spending the holiday with loved ones who worked their fingers to the bone (figure of speech dumplings stop looking shocked) to prepare a great meal you arrived on time and hungry or whipped out your cellie and called if you were delayed.

Now time for the awful truth. Miss Hammie doesn’t have a project today. After the sweet potato pie, the Meyer lemon pound cake, the cornbread dressing, the macaroni and cheese, the rice with broccoli and cheese sauce, the corn muffins, the pork tenderloin, and the collard greens I was pooped. Yes dumplings I prepared all of that yesterday morning. Call it a character flaw, a mental defect, call it whatever you want Miss Hammie likes to serve Thanksgiving dinner hot, not reheated. It’s bizarre because it’s only holidays when I get so weird. Top that off with fighting the Veruca Salt  that I become around new gadgets. Miss Hammie might not want a party, but that Echo Show, she’s singing I want it now loud and clear. Confused? It’s a Willy Wonka /Charlie & the Chocolate Factory reference. So between cooking and wrestling with the tech gadget demon that exist within me, plus catching up on a guilty pleasure called Lucifer, don’t judge me it’s funny, I just didn’t get to today’s project. I would promise to do better, but the holiday season is upon us and it poses a myriad of issues I’m not even going to scratch the surface of. Please trust Miss Hammie dumplings you do not want to go there.  However moving right along how many of you have taken advantage of, drumroll please


It isn’t going to last forever and there are items discounted as much as 40% !!! Trust me you do not want to miss this.

So have a great weekend, don’t overspend, make sure to check out the saving at the  Online Extravaganza Making sure to use the special hostess code, FV6MXXK9.

Until  tomorrow TTFN

Graduation Season .2

After making cards for my grand-niece and grand-nephew I thought I was done, d-o-n-e with graduation cards. O non mon cher, it seems it has just become. My sister who obviously enjoys the tedium that is standing in front of the cards at places like Hallmark, Target, or even Walgreens actually wanted me to make a graduation card for her. If you’re a Stampin’ Up demonstrator like I am you’ll understand my trepidation. I have to get this right, I’ve got to win her over. Ok I say, what color? And here comes an answer that makes want to pull my hair, Blue. Not Navy, not light blue, not even turquoise just blue. What do I use Night of Navy, Pool Party maybe Dapper Denim, I don’t know. I think I may have made the Charlie Brown noise, you know, argh.

Somehow I managed to calm down and be rational. If I just went to the store and bought a card would I freak out about the color?  So I took a breath and looked to Jeanie Stark’s blog Just Stamping because she’s been doing something really fun and interesting version of the ABC’s.  So I decided to do a play on her “G” blog entry, G is for Gate fold. I did G is for Graduation Gate gold card.


Graduation Season

After teaching school for close to 30 years I’ve seen quite a few graduation seasons come and go.  I’ve seen my daughters, niece and nephew graduate from high school and thought good thoughts on the days that they graduated from college. I also had to decide if I would or wouldn’t walk when I received my Masters degree, I didn’t.  However watching these young people who I taught or just knew when they were in elementary school is a different experience. In my mind they are still little and it doesn’t matter how many pictures their parents post on Facebook or “The Gram”, I hear a name and I think of how they were way back when.

This graduation season is hitting a little closer to home since my grand-niece is a high school senior. I received the invitation and she included her year book picture and I thought “Who is this gorgeous young woman?” This couldn’t be my little Katia, the little girl whose mother I use to tease about her name being soooo long that it would take up two lines on kindergarten paper. However it was and she is so gorgeous and self-assured. She makes me so proud to just be related to her. I know college is just another adventure waiting for her and she’s going to conquer it and not break a sweat.

A special girl, excuse me, young woman like Katia deserves a special card and I so hope she likes the one that I made for her. Do you think that she’ll like it?