A Goodbye & a Hello

Hi my dumplings, Miss Hammie is just popping in to give you a final reminder about the End of Year Sale which we’re saying goodbye to at 11:59pm MT this evening. This will be your last opportunity to purchase several of the beautiful bundles in the Holiday catalog as bundles.  That means bye bye to the 10% discount you automatically get when you purchase a bundle as opposed to purchasing the products separately. The are oodles of bargains to be snapped up.  So use the link below to go to my online and make your purchases. Now that covers the goodbye in the blog post title, but what’s the Hello part?

well, If you’ve purchased Stampin’ Up products you already know when one of our seasonal catalogs ends that another begins. Well the Holiday catalog ends today, so what’s starting?

Whats starting is the new Occasions catalog and Sale -a- Bration. While we all understand how a catalog works you might be asking, “What’s Sale -a- Bration?”. Well my dumplings Miss Hammie is going to give you the 411 on exactly what Sale -a- Bration is, why it’s wonderful and why if you’ve ever considered joining up and becoming a Stampin’ Up demonstrator why now during SAB is the time to give it a try.

During Sale -a- Bration when you place an order of minimum $50.00 it qualifies you to pick a product from the SAB  brochure. This year to make it even better there are two categories of free products, $50.00 and $100.00.  If you make a $100.00 you can select either two of the $50.00 group products or one of the $100.00. I know, I know “But Miss Hammie what if I place an order of $150.00?”. Well, that either three $50.00 products or one $50.00 and one $100.00 product plus Stampin’ Rewards for placing an order of $150.00, But Miss Hammie will explain the Rewards another day or post a graphic that explains it. Miss Hammie is more a visual learner. Anywho what person doesn’t like free? Miss Hammie likes free, most of the Miss Hammie family likes free. So Sale -a- Bration is definitely in our family wheelhouse.

Now you want to know why now is the time to join as a demonstrator. I explained the whole $125.00 for $99.00 yesterday. However if you missed it Miss Hammie believes it bears repeating. When you sign up as a demonstrator there is an initial cost of $99.00 for what we call a starter kit. Unlike some other direct sale companies Stampin’ Up doesn’t decide what should be in your starter kit, you pick out the products you want. However instead of selecting $99.00 worth of crafting supplies and/or tools, you get to select $125.00 worth. And, if you join during Sale-a-Bration you get to pick two additional stamp sets of any price from any of the active catalogs. Sounds almost too good to be true but it isn’t, it’s what we call the Ultimate Bundle. I know, you’re saying “But  I’m a buyer, not a seller”. Guess what? Over 90% of all Stampin’ Up demonstrators are what we call Hobby demonstrators, they don’t sell or if they do its to friends or family members who craft. Miss Hammie is slapping herself right between the eyes I forgot the very best part of being a demonstrator, the discount. That’s right dumplings, you get a 20% discount on future purchases. If you get several people who consistently purchase from you that discount could increase. I hear the wheels turning dumplings. If you join and find it’s not for you there’s no penalty if you decide you don’t want to be a demonstrator anymore. No one will try to strong arm you into staying and you don’t have to pay anyone a fee. You just send an email. If you think you want to give it a try (and get a discount on all the pretty stamps and paper) just use the link below to join my team.

Finally if you would like a copy of the Occasions catalog and the Sale-a-Bration brochure just send me an email and I’ll get those in the mail to you.


Ends Tonight !!!




The new Occasions catalog


My Online Store

Join My Team

Busy Busy Busy

Happy Friday dumplings, as you can tell from the title of my post Miss Hammie is up to her ear lobes in cardstock, clear blocks, dsp, framelits and ink. Busy little bee is what I am so today’s blog is all business reminders.


This sale ends on January 2, 2018 and lots of great products will no longer be available.


The reservation window  for this awesome positioning tool closes on Saturday and you won’t be able to order one again until June when Stampin’ Up’s new Annual catalog goes live. Speaking of going live there is a great catalog waiting in the wings to go live on January 3, 2018, the Occasions catalog.  This is also the day that Sale-a-Bration begins.  I used a bundle from the Occasions catalog to create my sister’s birthday card that I shared with you yesterday. The Bubble Over bundle is just a tiny example of the goodness in the Occasions catalog.  And I haven’t even shared any of the Sale-a-Bration goodies yet, but I will before it goes live.

What Miss Hammie wants you to do is head to my online store  ,just click on the link, and check out the End of Year Sale and Clearance Rack sections, there are more bargains than you can shake a credit card at.

Well I need to get back to my card making while you shop. Be good dumplings and


Let’s Do It Again

Happy Sunday dumplings.  You all, or like Miss Hammie usually says Y’all, know that I very seldom (more like never) post on Sundays unless it’s VERY IMPORTANT.  And what’s more important than saving money. All Miss Hammie’s dumplings know that she is an Independent Stampin’ Up demonstrator. Stampin’ Up is a company that’s located in Riverton, Utah that sells paper crafting products like rubber and photopolymer stamp sets, cardstock, ink pads, trimmers, scissors and adhesives just to mention a few of the items. The products are shipped directly to you so there’s shipping and handling. Recently Stampin’ Up waived shipping and handling on all items for a day. The reaction to the free shipping and handling was so awesome that Stampin’ Up decided to do it again! That’s right dumplings 24 hours of free shipping and handling on Monday December 11th on EVERYTHING !!! Remember dumplings the Year-End Sale is still going on. Miss Hammie doesn’t know what you call that, but she calls that a win win. Discounts on some items up to 40%, last opportunity to purchase some of Stampin’ Up’s great bundles (bundles = automatic 10% discount) as well Some Retiring Items.

Dumplings DO NOT MISS THIS !!!


Stamparatus Time

Happy Tuesday dumplings, before you start talking, yes Miss Hammie knows she didn’t post yesterday.  Now I’m going to share something with you, Miss Hammie won’t be posting for about a week following today’s post. I can almost hear you, sounding like Cindy Lou Who “Why Miss Hammie Why?”. Well here’s the thing, Miss Hammie has two daughters, let’s just call them Miss Hammie’s Older Daughter and Miss Hammie’s Younger Daughter. Well, Older is coming for a visit, side note Older, Younger and Miss Hammie’s Niece all live on the West Coast so we don’t see each other as often as say children who don’t move far from home and their parental unit. Now Older has been living in Australia for the last year and a half and Miss Hammie has only seen her once. So dumplings I’m going to be spending as much time with her as I can so no posting. Plus there the matter of Miss Hammie’s Christmas cards that she hasn’t even started making, gifts to purchase/make whatever. Anywho that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Now on to


After the first attempt at taking reservation for this awesome stamp positioning tool ended after 15 minutes Stampin’ Up decided to approach it differently during the second reservation window. Before they only took a certain number of reservations. This time they’re just going to take them for the entire time allotted for reservations. As I’ve told you before there are other positioning tools, but this one is the best one I’ve seen. Stampin’ Up talked to demonstrators and used their input to make sure any shortcomings demonstrators felt other tools had wouldn’t be present in the Stamparatus. The reservation window opens at 2:00 PM MT.  Take care dumplings, oops almost forgot. The Year-End Sale is in full effect. The list of Retiring and Surplus Items that are on sale now can be found by going to my online store and clicking, of all things, SHOP.  Believe it or not there’s still time to get that stamp set you wanted to make your holiday cards (even though you’re cutting it close, but you can always blame the Post Office, just kidding). Simply go to http://rwhamilton.stampinup.net and click SHOP and check out what’s available. Some of it is while supplies last so don’t drag your heels. So smooches and TTFN

Year End Sale


As I mentioned yesterday Stampin’ Up is having its annual Year-End Sales Event and it started today. You can go to my online store to check out what’s available. Miss Hammie hasn’t had a chance to really check it out because she’s been glistening (ladies never sweat, they glisten) bullets over the new Occasions catalog. As I also told you in yesterday’s News Alert, demonstrators, like Miss Hammie, get to order early from new catalogs. Between the sale items, the new Occasions catalog items and the Sale-a-Bration items I can earn Miss Hammie is having to beat back her inner Veruca Salt with a piece of rebar, google it dumplings Miss Hammie is in a “I just can’t, not one more thing” mood. If you are one of Miss Hammie’s dumplings from “back in the day” you know that means “Tread lightly, she’s about to blow”. I know three things that I really, really want. Then there are four that I just really want. Oh why lie, I WANT IT ALL AND I WANT IT NOW!!! Down Veruca, down girl, remember we need to get holiday gifts for the family.  I apologize, but I really need to get my inner egomaniacal shopaholic under control right now. If you go to my online store you can see a listing, as well as photos of the Year-End Sale items. Let me add this, as my inner Veruca tries to make me rationalize spending Christmas gift money.  Some of these items are carrying over into the upcoming annual catalog, while others are going away never to be seen again when supplies run out. There are items that are bundles now, you save 10% when you buy bundled products, that are carrying over, but not as bundles so bye bye 10% discount. I’ve shown you two adorable cards using Smitten Mittens, it’s on the list, just saying. So, go to my online store and just check out what’s available. If you decide to make a purchase use this hostess code FV6MXXK9. My online store is http://rwhamilton.stampinup.net

Also the last Smitten Mittens project will be posted tomorrow after I let Veruca spend some money she’ll be pacified . . . at least for a while

Hot News Flash

Hello dumplings and I hope you’re having a terrific Thursday.  Personally Miss Hammie gets a chill when the temperature drops below 70 degrees,  so rain and temperatures in the 60’s have me less than elated. However the news flash has nothing to do with Miss Hammie’s thin blood and less than hardy constitution. It’s about the favorite word of all shoppers be they crafters or not. That’s right dumplings I’m talking about the word we all love SALE !!!

As you know 2017 is barreling towards its finish line and 2018 is right around the corner. Oh my, Miss Hammie just had a scary thought that she’ll share during this week’s sister catch up conversation over dinner. Whoa did I ever veer out of my intended conversation. Not to worry I’m back on track, sale, that’s where I was.

As 2017 comes to an end Stampin’ Up is having an awesome sale that begins tomorrow December 1st that will run thru January 2nd. It’s a sale of select items that will be available only while supplies last.  The items that will be available will be announced on the Stampin’ Up website tomorrow. Miss Hammie definitely plans to check this out. Here’s some advice, you know that holiday bundle or Designer Series Paper you wanted for your holiday cards that you didn’t get because it was a tad out of budget? It just might be part of this sale, but you need to remember 1. That Miss Hammie said might, I truly don’t know what items are going on sale and 2. That Miss Hammie said while supplies last. If you liked it, but didn’t get it someone else probably did too. Don’t miss out on something you really want. There could also be things that you bought, used and loved that might be retiring, like embellishments for example. You might want to stock up on a certain type of washi tape or charm. Just check the list and don’t miss out. Finally, on this topic anyway, don’t forget to use the hostess code if you’re placing an order under $150.00. The hostess code is FV6MXXK9.

Moving right along Miss Hammie was telling you dumplings about a great new tool from Stampin’ Up called the Stamparatus a short while ago. The Stamparatus is a stamping positioning tool that’s, in my humble opinion, a cut above other tools like it. The Stamparatus is  a brand new product, so new in fact that you have to reserve it. During the first reservation period the expected supply of this product sold out in under 30 minutes ( more like 15 minutes truthfully). Miss Hammie was in the middle of the process when they sold out. The reason that I’m telling you this is that the next reservation period is on Tuesday December 5th at 2:00PM MT, that’s 4:00PM EST, 3:00PM CST and I believe 1:00PM PST (don’t quote me on Central or Pacific) . The Stamparatus is amazing and a bargain at $49.00. If you reserve one on Tuesday you can expect delivery and to be charged in March 2018.  Other reservation windows are scheduled and I will post them.


One other point that Miss Hammie wanted to share. Two new things are coming your way very soon.  If you’re at all familiar with Stampin’ Up you’re also familiar with our 1. Occasions catalog and 2. Sale-a-Bration. I’m sorry about the 1 and 2 things perhaps it’s an indication of how long Miss Hammie taught school, who knows. Anyway the Occasions catalog and Sale-a-Bration go live on January 3.

Miss Hammie has seen the catalog and the SAB brochure. The new products are ah-mazing and one suite can only be described as scrumptious! I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking “Miss Hammie why are you telling me this I won’t even see a catalog until next year?”. Get serious dumplings first it basically next month rather than next year, besides would I dangle a carrot like that? No, of course not. I always have a reason and it’s never just to make you drool. Stampin’ Up demonstrators, like Miss Hammie, can start to pre-order from the Occasions catalog and earning Sale-a-Bration goodies starting tomorrow.  Now you’re saying “But what does that have to do with me Miss Hammie?”, well I’ll tell you. If you join my team, you could get in on the pre-order and earn Sale-a-Bration goodies too. Interested? Just let me know and we’ll get the ball rolling. Wait,  did I remember to tell you about the $125.00 worth of products that you choose and only pay $99.00 for and the 20% discount you get?  Doesn’t matter, I just did. Miss Hammie knows, “But Miss Hammie, I’m a horrible sales person”. Doesn’t matter, over 95% of all Stampin’ Up demonstrators are what we call “Hobby demonstrators “ or in layman’s terms, their own best customer. If you stagger your orders you’ll more than meet the quarterly minimum. Get in touch and we’ll talk about it. So, don’t forget the Year-End Sale, the Stamparatus Reservation Window, the upcoming new Occasions catalog and Sale-a-Bration, think about joining up because I would love to have you on my team. I’ll see you with another Smitten Mittens project tomorrow so TTFN