A Goodbye & a Hello

Hi my dumplings, Miss Hammie is just popping in to give you a final reminder about the End of Year Sale which we’re saying goodbye to at 11:59pm MT this evening. This will be your last opportunity to purchase several of the beautiful bundles in the Holiday catalog as bundles.  That means bye bye to the 10% discount you automatically get when you purchase a bundle as opposed to purchasing the products separately. The are oodles of bargains to be snapped up.  So use the link below to go to my online and make your purchases. Now that covers the goodbye in the blog post title, but what’s the Hello part?

well, If you’ve purchased Stampin’ Up products you already know when one of our seasonal catalogs ends that another begins. Well the Holiday catalog ends today, so what’s starting?

Whats starting is the new Occasions catalog and Sale -a- Bration. While we all understand how a catalog works you might be asking, “What’s Sale -a- Bration?”. Well my dumplings Miss Hammie is going to give you the 411 on exactly what Sale -a- Bration is, why it’s wonderful and why if you’ve ever considered joining up and becoming a Stampin’ Up demonstrator why now during SAB is the time to give it a try.

During Sale -a- Bration when you place an order of minimum $50.00 it qualifies you to pick a product from the SAB  brochure. This year to make it even better there are two categories of free products, $50.00 and $100.00.  If you make a $100.00 you can select either two of the $50.00 group products or one of the $100.00. I know, I know “But Miss Hammie what if I place an order of $150.00?”. Well, that either three $50.00 products or one $50.00 and one $100.00 product plus Stampin’ Rewards for placing an order of $150.00, But Miss Hammie will explain the Rewards another day or post a graphic that explains it. Miss Hammie is more a visual learner. Anywho what person doesn’t like free? Miss Hammie likes free, most of the Miss Hammie family likes free. So Sale -a- Bration is definitely in our family wheelhouse.

Now you want to know why now is the time to join as a demonstrator. I explained the whole $125.00 for $99.00 yesterday. However if you missed it Miss Hammie believes it bears repeating. When you sign up as a demonstrator there is an initial cost of $99.00 for what we call a starter kit. Unlike some other direct sale companies Stampin’ Up doesn’t decide what should be in your starter kit, you pick out the products you want. However instead of selecting $99.00 worth of crafting supplies and/or tools, you get to select $125.00 worth. And, if you join during Sale-a-Bration you get to pick two additional stamp sets of any price from any of the active catalogs. Sounds almost too good to be true but it isn’t, it’s what we call the Ultimate Bundle. I know, you’re saying “But  I’m a buyer, not a seller”. Guess what? Over 90% of all Stampin’ Up demonstrators are what we call Hobby demonstrators, they don’t sell or if they do its to friends or family members who craft. Miss Hammie is slapping herself right between the eyes I forgot the very best part of being a demonstrator, the discount. That’s right dumplings, you get a 20% discount on future purchases. If you get several people who consistently purchase from you that discount could increase. I hear the wheels turning dumplings. If you join and find it’s not for you there’s no penalty if you decide you don’t want to be a demonstrator anymore. No one will try to strong arm you into staying and you don’t have to pay anyone a fee. You just send an email. If you think you want to give it a try (and get a discount on all the pretty stamps and paper) just use the link below to join my team.

Finally if you would like a copy of the Occasions catalog and the Sale-a-Bration brochure just send me an email and I’ll get those in the mail to you.


Ends Tonight !!!




The new Occasions catalog


My Online Store

Join My Team

Author: Miss Hammie's Crafts

I am an Independent Stampin' Up demonstrator. I enjoy paper crafting and teaching various types of crafting to others.

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