Year End Sale


As I mentioned yesterday Stampin’ Up is having its annual Year-End Sales Event and it started today. You can go to my online store to check out what’s available. Miss Hammie hasn’t had a chance to really check it out because she’s been glistening (ladies never sweat, they glisten) bullets over the new Occasions catalog. As I also told you in yesterday’s News Alert, demonstrators, like Miss Hammie, get to order early from new catalogs. Between the sale items, the new Occasions catalog items and the Sale-a-Bration items I can earn Miss Hammie is having to beat back her inner Veruca Salt with a piece of rebar, google it dumplings Miss Hammie is in a “I just can’t, not one more thing” mood. If you are one of Miss Hammie’s dumplings from “back in the day” you know that means “Tread lightly, she’s about to blow”. I know three things that I really, really want. Then there are four that I just really want. Oh why lie, I WANT IT ALL AND I WANT IT NOW!!! Down Veruca, down girl, remember we need to get holiday gifts for the family.  I apologize, but I really need to get my inner egomaniacal shopaholic under control right now. If you go to my online store you can see a listing, as well as photos of the Year-End Sale items. Let me add this, as my inner Veruca tries to make me rationalize spending Christmas gift money.  Some of these items are carrying over into the upcoming annual catalog, while others are going away never to be seen again when supplies run out. There are items that are bundles now, you save 10% when you buy bundled products, that are carrying over, but not as bundles so bye bye 10% discount. I’ve shown you two adorable cards using Smitten Mittens, it’s on the list, just saying. So, go to my online store and just check out what’s available. If you decide to make a purchase use this hostess code FV6MXXK9. My online store is

Also the last Smitten Mittens project will be posted tomorrow after I let Veruca spend some money she’ll be pacified . . . at least for a while

Author: Miss Hammie's Crafts

I am an Independent Stampin' Up demonstrator. I enjoy paper crafting and teaching various types of crafting to others.

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