Paper Pumpkin Yayyy

Hello my adorable leprechauns. Miss Hammie decided since this was an impromptu Saturday post and it’s Saint Patrick’s Day that you all would be leprechauns instead of my sweet dumplings. You all know that Miss Hammie begged you to subscribe to Paper Pumpkin so that you could get the special anniversary kit. Are you at all familiar with that Demi Lovato song Sorry, Not Sorry. I’m feeling a teeny bit like that. I received my March kit yesterday and if you love vintage are you ever going to be kicking yourselves in the bum about not signing up in time. I did a FB Live on my Robbye Stamps FB page where I put the two cards together today at about 1:10pm. I was shooting for 1:00 pm but I had a little emergency that I had to deal with. Anywho here are the cards and envelopes from the March Paper Pumpkin kit. And before you ask No, there won’t be an opportunity to buy it later. They’re all gone, sold out and with the 50% off on April and May for new subscribers if you don’t sign up soon you’re going to miss out on those too!

I’m putting a link below so you can subscribe. Baby I’m sorry, I’m not sorry, I kept telling you sign up, but don’t worry. There’s still time to get 50% off your first two kits. I promise after you do two kits you’ll want to keep getting them. Trust me people are so impressed when you say “Yes, I made it myself”. It makes your family and friends understand how special they are to you. Use the link and at least try it, we’re talking $20.00. We both know you spend more st Starbucks than $20.00 in 2 months. So try it, if you don’t like it call/send an email to Stampin’ Up and say please cancel my subscription. Done, over, kaput. Here’s the link.

Subscribe to Paper Pumpkin


(If you’re thinking “But Miss Hammie, I’m not crafty it’ll be too hard Watch medio it on my Robbye Stamps FB page. Easy, peasy Lemon squeezie )

Author: Miss Hammie's Crafts

I am an Independent Stampin' Up demonstrator. I enjoy paper crafting and teaching various types of crafting to others.

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