Chilly First Friday

I don’t know what’s got Mother Nature in a snit or if someone forgot to tell her, but Spring isn’t suppose to be all Nor’ Easters in the Northern part of the country  and temperatures in the 30’s building to a brisk 63 degrees in Miss Hammie’s hometown of Atlanta. Plus I know without the rain the pretty flowers don’t grown, but thunder storms that turn into tornadoes ???? Come on now Mom, we know that the weather is your thing, but things seem a wee bit off. However enough about her (maybe she needs attention) and on with the it’s hours away from the beginning of the weekend. Do you have any exciting plans for the coming weekend? I did, but with the rainy weekend forecast “you know who” may have called a screeching halt to mine. Miss Hammie had planned to do a little window shopping, literally. Miss Hammie and Miss Hammie Younger Sister had planned to go look at appliances and cabinets on Saturday and to the Atlanta Home Show (get it “window shopping”) on Sunday. The weekend forecast is intermittent showers both days. Not one, but BOTH days, we’ll have to see how that works out. I’ll be sure to let you, my sweet dumplings know how it all turns out. By the by my sweet dumplings would any of you by chance own an all in one washer dryer? I’ve been considering one and would like some information and firsthand impressions.

Today is March 23rd which means that there are only eight more days of Sale-a-Bration.  Here’s a quick visual of what you can get if you place a qualifying order. You dumplings really didn’t think you were going to have two business free days did you? I didn’t have any business references in my Wednesday post, so today is all business and a bit of chatter.




Here are the items that you can choose from if you place a $100.00 order


Supply List

 You can take a closer look in my Online Store and I’ll be posting a link to it below
Also lets not forget Paper Pumpkin. Even you none crafties will love Paper Pumpkin if for no other reason than that it’s something that you can do with the kids that doesn’t take forever, roughly 30 minutes and you’re done.  Not only is it a great way to spend a rainy day with them when you can’t take them to the park or to other child friendly places it  helps to spark their, and your, creativity.  Since our special 5th anniversary kit sold out faster than had been anticipated Stampin’ Up is offering a super deal on our monthly subscription crafting kit. If you’re a new subscriber you will get your first two kits at 50% off by simply including the promotional code SAVEFIFTY0418. How simple is that? YOu get two kits for basically the price of one. So you miss a couple of venti’s at Starbucks, you get to either relax doing something that really isn’t stressful unless you make it stressful. I hear you, and I’ve heard you every other time, “But Miss Hammie I’m not crafty”.  Are you as smart as a 14 year old? Do you think if a 14 year old can finish something in say 20 minutes there’s no way you couldn’t do it in 15 minutes? My grand niece loves Paper Pumpkin and has told me she finishes the kits in about 20 minutes. Oh my what’s that I smell, I think its a challenge. Sign up and try it for 2 months if you don’t enjoy it, (and the compliments you get from astounded friends when you say that you made it) simply send an email to Stampin’ Up and say that you want to cancel. Click the link below to subscribe.
Finally, as I stated above Sale-a-Bration ends in 8 days. That means the great 2 free stamps sets bonus ends in 8 days.  Believe me when I say $125.00 worth of Stampin’ Up products for $99.00 is a great deal, but when you can get two extra stamp sets why would you wait until after that promotion ends to join . So I’m going to go thru the why you should join Stampin’ Up list.
  • Great products
  • Camaraderie
  • Discounts on products
  • Various incentives
  • Opportunity to see and order new products first
  • No pressure to sell
  • No penalty if you decide to stop being a demonstrator
I joined for the 20% discount and to be absolutely candid after a while I did quit. However I had become use to the excellent quality of their products and continued to order and use them. One day I sat down and looked at how much I was spending each quarter and realized that I was already just for myself spending enough to meet Stampin’ Up’s quarterly minimums. That meant that if I re-activated I would start to get a discount again on what I had to pay for products.  It didn’t mean all of a sudden I had to start doing workshops or selling to others unless I wanted to, so I re-activated. I have gotten so much more than just great products by being part of Stampin’ Up.  I have a whole new circle of friends that I wouldn’t have if I wasn’t a Stampin’ Up demonstrator. Whether you believe it or not my story isn’t unusual, over 90% of all Stampin’ Up demonstrators don’t do any selling other than to friends or to friends of friends. As a demonstrator I get to attend events with demonstrators from all over the country, in some cases all over the world! We laugh, we craft, we swap cards, we have fun! Next month I’ll be joining other demonstrators at an event here in Atlanta and I can’t wait. Another awesome 3 day event is taking place in November and if you join now you would be able to attend that one. I can’t tell you the cost, but I can tell you the what and the where, OnStage Live in Orlando Florida! There will be demonstrators from all over the world. There are so many wonderful things about being part of Stampin’ Up that it would be impossible for me to tell you all of them so I’m going to stop now.  There will be a link below to join.
One last thing that might not of even crossed your mind, it sure just raced across mine. March is practically over. That means in about a month or so you’re going to start getting those invitations to weddings and graduations. I can only think of two people that are graduating. Want to know what they’ll be receiving? A handmade graduation card/ gift card holder. It will be the type that they can pay for things with. I have no problem saying I have no idea what young people like beyond food, music and entertainment. As far as wedding gifts, ha, ha, ha same thing. A handmade card/gift card from where you’re registered. If you start now you could have wedding and graduation cards done before the invitation hits your mail box. If you need me to show you how just give me a heads up in the comments. Have a great weekend my sweet dumplings and for now I’m out.


Author: Miss Hammie's Crafts

I am an Independent Stampin' Up demonstrator. I enjoy paper crafting and teaching various types of crafting to others.

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